Project Engineering Consultancy

 1)  Preparation of Approximate cost-tender file –estimation quantity survey work- Manufacture Work Program

Approximate Cost Extract  and Table

Construction, Electric, Mechanic and Landscaping Detailed Cost Schedules

To prepare Unit Prices belonging to private and all public institutions and to make price analyses

To prepare attachments

To prepare detailed quantity surveys

To prepare necessary manufacture work minutes

To make market price research  for the specification and  to prepare bids

To prepare progress payment for turnkey-delivery lump sum basis  price  and unit price- related works 

To issue final account for unit price, technical tariff and analyses belonging to  private sector and all public agencies and institutions

To take accurate  and precise measuring at the construction site  and to issue progress payment  and final account

To take accurate relievo rapidly  and accurately by using technical devices

To prepare  excessive- low bid inquiry

To prepare Detailed  Manufacture Work Program

To prepare Daily Manufacture Reports

To prepare Weekly Progress Reports for private and public sector projects

Incompliance with;  

Project Estimated Prices

Construction Project Management

Monthly and Daily Periods of Time


2) Tender  Consultancy

To make market researches for domestic and foreign public and private sector projects, to make detailed cost analyses, to make relevant works for tender specification, contract design, quantity survey works, anticipated prices and to do all necessary works thereof